Art of Plae

Art of Plae

Plae, a kids shoe brand, today announced the launch of its “Art of Plae” series, featuring limited edition collaborations with rotating artists. The interactive series taps into the creative nature of kids by transforming children’s footwear into wearable art.

The Art of Plae inaugural collection launches with ‘The Artist,’ where the wearer can take the lead on the art and style of the shoe. Featuring an Arte Sempre designed black print on white canvas, each pair of shoes comes packaged with premium Faber-Castell markers to encourage kids to draw directly on the shoe.

The playful patterns invite kids to customize their kicks and create a piece of art uniquely their own, supporting Plae’s belief that play, and art, are foundational in a child’s development.

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“There is a traditional idea of art being admired yet ‘untouchable’ in the adult world, but when you put it in the hands of a child, he or she just runs with it – literally in this case,” said Ryan Ringholz, Plae founder and chief designer. “Creating a shoe that kids can view as both fun and functional allows for the art of play to take place through the eyes of a child.”

Plae also revealed San Francisco-based street artist Oliver Black will be the next partner in the Art of Plae series. Black will be designing a capsule collection featuring three silhouettes from the Plae line.

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To celebrate the collaboration, Black will be participating in Plae’s graffiti wall activation at XGames in Austin, Texas June 5-7. Set up as an interactive zone, Oliver will be creating his whimsical work on a shipping container.

Kids in attendance will be invited to join the fun and experiment with art alongside him. Black’s first design for Plae is set to launch in early 2016.

Art of Plae’s first sneaker, The Artist, goes on sale today. Available in whole sizes 8 kids to 3 youth, each pair retails for $75 and is a limited edition shoe available online at

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