RMN Foundation to Open Free Schools for Deserving Children

RMN Foundation to Open Free Schools for Deserving Children

RMN Foundation, which is an educational and public charitable organization, is now opening its new schools for deserving children.

Christened “Friends of the Future,” these schools will provide modern education free of charge to poor, orphaned, and disadvantaged children in all parts of India and abroad.

Using the non-traditional pedagogical models, the education is based on an innovative Constructive Education Framework developed by the RMN Foundation for children who will study in its schools.

Among the objectives of the Constructive Education Framework is to find the relevance of education for children based on their aptitude and interest. As the entire education system in RMN Foundation’s “Friends of the Future” schools is focused on skills and personality development of a child, it’s closely integrated with their employability needs.

According to RMN Foundation, its Constructive Education Framework aims to overcome the limitations in the current education system in India – which has failed to produce employable workforce for the modern-day knowledge-driven world.

It is reflected in the worsening Human Development Index (HDI) of India. Published by the United Nations Development Programme, HDI indicates the level of skills in a country and lets you know if people in that country are able to achieve their goals. Unfortunately, India falls at a poor No. 135 in the global list of countries ranked on the basis of their HDI.

Constructive Education Framework of RMN Foundation will increase the probability for the student to get top management positions anywhere in India and abroad. Moreover, RMN Foundation also has developed a collaborative employment model called “Enterprise Clustering Model” to employ the successful students of its “Friends of the Future” schools.

As RMN Foundation was formed recently – it got registered as an educational and public charitable Trust in May 2015 with the Government of Delhi – it is in the process of setting up its first free school in New Delhi.

The school will provide education to the children of economically weaker sections of the society. It plans to open thousands of such schools where hundreds of thousands of students could get free modern education.

Moreover, RMN Foundation is working actively to open residential schools for poor and orphaned children where they could get the best education for their career and personality development to progress in today’s highly competitive world.

RMN Foundation aims to open at least 1,000 residential schools for over 100,000 students by the year 2020. Most of these schools will be set up in India and a few of them will be based in other poor nations of the world.

Formed in May 2015, RMN Foundation is the corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm of the Raman Media Network (RMN) Company, which is working in diversified content creation, management, and distribution businesses on a global scale. RMN Foundation is registered as an educational and public charitable Trust with the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi at New Delhi, India. You can get more information about RMN Foundation at its website.

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  1. faizan khan on said:

    I proud to be student of rmn foundation school

  2. faizan khan on said:

    Hi… I know rmn shcool is most helpfull for us and deserving childrens

  3. faizan khan on said:

    Today is my first day in Rmn school….
    We feel proud to be student of rmn school…. We are names . saraswati sarvani anju preety faizan dharmender shadmanik suraj pankaj shiv nilesh kishan rahul rohit….. Thanks rmn foundation for give a chance to make a good person nd educated person thankyou so much….

  4. saraswati on said:

    Thank you so much rakesh raman sur for give a chance to makes a good person from saraswati

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