An Internet Education Class at RMN Foundation Free School for Children

An Internet Education Class at RMN Foundation Free School for Children

The Government of India has decided to launch the Swayam learning (self learning) portal for providing online courses to students across the country.

According to India’s Minister of State (HRD), Dr. Mahendra Nath Pandey, the courses will be offered by the best teachers to students who want to learn at a time convenient to them.

As there is always a dearth of good teachers in India, the Swayam initiative is also supposed to address the human resource challenge in the country’s education sector.

Thus, the government believes, it would be possible for any student or any school drop-out to join virtual classes, interact with the teacher in the virtual environment, take tests, earn academic credits, and transfer them on their academic record.

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Offered through MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) tech platform, the courses in the Swayam portal will cover 9th class to Post Graduation classes. These courses would be available throughout the country.

In order to reach out to the people in areas without internet access, the content provided under Swayam would also be telecast through the free-to-air Direct-To-Home TV channels that are expected to be launched in September.

School Education

School Education

The government has planned to start 32 Swayam channels for providing educational content to teachers, students, and citizens across the country for their lifelong learning.

Initially, according to the government, the programmes will be in English but with the passage of time, the programmes will be launched in regional languages also.

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