Switch & Go Dinos

Switch & Go Dinos

Each Switch & Go Dino comes equipped with an LCD screen for customized animation, dinosaur and vehicle sound effects and educational dinosaur facts.

These features combine to bring each Switch & Go Dino to life, offering kids a personalized, immersive and enriching play experience.

VTech is evolving beyond its educational roots with the launch of new Switch & Go Dinos, bringing what they do best in technology and toys to the vehicle aisle for the first time.

Combining two of boys’ favorite play patterns, the toys uniquely morph back and forth from dinosaur to vehicle, providing an interactive 2-in-1 play experience for boys ages 3-8.

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Switch & Go Dinos provides:

Innovative Play Experience

Each toy features a customizable LCD screen, allowing boys to personalize their play experience by choosing dinosaur eyes when in dinosaur mode and driver faces when in vehicle mode. Dramatic dinosaur and vehicle sound effects brings the toys to life, creating an immersive play experience.


In dinosaur mode, action buttons trigger interesting facts about each dinosaur as they come to life to exclaim up to 30 expressions, such as, “I’m a herbivore. I chow down on plants.” and “They call me spine-lizard because of the long spines on my back.”

Collectible Line

Switch & Go Dinos features an entire line of seven unique and collectable dinosaur toys, including four starter toys: Sliver the T-Rex, T-Don the Pteranodon, Tonn the Stegosaurus and Horns the Triceratops; two mid-level toys: Attila the Ankylosaurus and Span the Spinosaurus; and the ultimate Switch & Go Dino: Brok the Brachiosaurus.

Switch & Go Dinos will be making their debut at this February’s American International Toy Fair and will be on shelves starting in Fall 2012. The toys will be available at Target, Wal-Mart, Toys R Us and other major retailers and online at www.vtechkids.com and www.amazon.com. Suggested retail prices range from $15.99 to $49.99.

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