Donald Trump

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump said Thursday that the foundation of a good life begins with great education. Today, he said, too many of American children are stuck in schools that do not provide this opportunity.

Because the education of young people is so important, Trump said, the parents of every student in America should have a right to a meaningful choice about where their child goes to school.

By expanding school choice and providing more educational opportunities for every American family, we can help make sure that every child has an equal shot at achieving the American Dream, Trump said.

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Our country is home to many great schools and many extraordinary teachers — whether they serve in traditional public schools, public charter schools, magnet schools, private or religious schools, or in homeschooling environments,” Trump said.

With a renewed commitment to expanding school choice for our children, the President said, we can truly make great education possible for every child in America.

As our country celebrates National School Choice Week (January 22 – January 28, 2017), I encourage parents to evaluate the educational opportunities available for their children. I also encourage State lawmakers and Federal lawmakers to expand school choice for millions of additional students,” Trump said.

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