Smart Play Pods

Smart Play Pods

Multisensory Fitness Inc. announced today a risk-free trial of Smart Play Pods. The free 30-day evaluation includes a wireless technology Smart Play Pod system with six portable targets for easy set up on the go.

Designed for early childhood education and child care programs, Smart Play Pods combine the fun and feedback of interactive technology with active group play and multisensory action-based learning, says the company.

Smart programming offers an engaging and constantly changing learning and social experience for young children that’s also a challenging physical workout.

With an extensive variety of games designed for different ages and stages of development, Smart technology simultaneously engages children’s brains and bodies by:

  • Motivating kids with computer-based interactive feedback in a live, not virtual, play-based experience
  • Engaging kids in fun, inclusive and cooperative social interaction
  • Challenging the body to improve hand/eye/feet coordination, gross motor skills, functional skills, agility, cardio fitness and balance
  • Engaging visual, auditory and tactile senses, plus proprioceptors, to improve focus, attention, spatial awareness, sensory processing, memory, pairing skills, and overall neurological performance
  • Integrating action-based learning for math, language skills and music
  • Tracking results – scores, accuracy, speed

“When we see children interacting with the Smart Play Pod system, they begin working together as a team,” says Cathi Lamberti, founder and CEO of Multisensory Fitness Inc. “They’re having fun, staying physically active and improving sensory processing and cognitive function.”

Research suggests that a fun, multisensory learning experience is also great for children’s physical development and health. Exercising the brain and body together improves physical, cognitive, sensory, social, and behavioral skills that will last a lifetime, suggests the company.

Smart, according to the company, is connecting the dots to make fitness and learning more fun and productive.

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