Brainchild Kineo Tablet

Brainchild Kineo Tablet

The way tablets’ use is increasing in schools, it appears that the traditional educational system is poised for a paradigm shift.

Of late, a slew of tech companies have introduced their tablet devices to provide tech-based education to school students.

The latest among them is Brainchild with its Kineo tablets. Introduced today, March 25, Kineo tablets are specifically built for schools. They have 7” screens with built-in screen protectors, a 10 hour battery, and safety features designed specifically for school usage.

They give students restricted access to the Web, Flash capabilities for multimedia instruction, and a choice of numerous eReader programs.

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Charleston R1 School District is deploying 100 Kineo tablets into Warren E. Hearns Elementary School. The tablets will be used with Brainchild’s MAP Achiever! software for assessment and data-driven instruction to help students prepare for MAP testing.

Students use the tablets for individualized instruction. Their progress can be uploaded to web-based reports to help teachers and administrators adjust individual and group instruction.

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Among the other tablet devices for children, Archos, a consumer electronics company, has announced a themed 7” Android tablet for children, called the Child Pad. It features a compact light-weight design, the latest Android version, 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich,” a 1GHz processor and 1GB of RAM. (Read: Child Pad Comes as a Kid-Friendly Tablet)

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Meanwhile, Oregon Scientific, a leading designer and worldwide marketer of personal electronics, has announced its entry into this hot new category:  kid’s tablets.

The new Wi-Fi enabled MEEP! tablet runs on the Android operating system and offers music, movies, e-books, and apps from leading developers – all on a large, 7-inch color touch screen! (Read: Oregon Tablet Designed Just for Kids)

And InnoTab, a new tablet for kids, comes loaded with a suite of applications including an interactive, animated e-book, motion games, creative activities, MP3 music player, photo viewer, video player, alarm clock, calculator, calendar and an address book. (Read: InnoTab Brings Technology, Learning, Fun for Kids)

Moreover, Student Global Leadership Institute (SGLI), an annual initiative that brings together students and government leaders globally to address world issues, deployed 65 tablets for its elite youth participants.

Students will use the devices to help them stay connected, track project progress and record their experiences as they address current, pressing energy issues through field studies and community services. Personal technology company Lenovo announced that students in SGLI program are using Lenovo IdeaPad K1 Tablet to help them impact their world. (Read: Environmental Change with Lenovo Tablets for Kids)

Earlier, technology-based educational products developer LeapFrog Enterprises introduced its LeapPad Explorer, a multifunctional learning tablet. It aims to usher in the next generation of learning, digital reading and personal creativity for children ages four and up. (Read: Exploring the World with LeapPad Explorer)

Warren E. Hearns Elementary intends to initially use the Kineo tablet to help prepare 5th grade students for MAP testing. The web based reporting will help capture student performance data that will assist with differentiating instruction within the classroom.

Warren E Hearns Elementary has been using Brainchild’s MAP Achiever! software on computers since the beginning of the school year. The Kineo tablets will now add an engaging solution that will allow students access to their work anytime and anywhere.

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“Schools and districts come to Brainchild when they need not just technology, but also the assurance that it is used deliberately, with appropriate ways to measure success. Responsive, high quality customer support is a vital component of any technology deployment,” said Brainchild’s president, Jeff Cameron.

Brainchild is a leading provider of mobile learning devices to schools. It has provided mobile learning devices, content, and teacher training for 15 years. Its web-based assessment and instruction programs sync with Kineos to provide reports and maximum access to instruction.

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Brainchild, Corp. is a Florida-based company for standards-based online assessment, instruction and reporting tools helping students reach and exceed learning objectives.

In addition to its Achiever! series built individually for each state, Brainchild also manufactures Kineo and the Study Buddy, mobile learning devices built specifically for classroom use.

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