Really Big Tea Party Coloring Book

Really Big Tea Party Coloring Book

Really Big Coloring Books, Inc. has released a sequel called “Tea Party II Why America Loves You! A Social-Activist Coloring Book for Kids.” This contemporary coloring and activity book is designed to help parents continue the education of their children about the American political climate.

This new edition, released Monday, March 26, is a follow up to the original “Tea Party Coloring Book for Kids” published in 2010. Included in the sequel are activist and debate pages for children, parents, teachers and educators to expand the growth and understanding of the Tea Party grass roots movement.

The new 48-page book reflects the current political climate and will directly engage children of all ages into this modern social activist movement called The Tea Party, says the company.

The book has four sections and the last of which has removable, perforated pages for advancing the ideas of social activism. Also included is a certificate of participation so children and educators may display their Tea Party Debate Club credentials.

“Explain the truth so a fourth grader can understand it, and not only will it make sense, it will get the attention of all who read it,” said Wayne Bell, publisher.

Designed for the coloring ages plus many adults, this new product is a book in the “The Tea Party for Kids” series. Retailing at $4.99 – $6.99, the book is available at and major book sellers such as, Abe Books and Barnes & Noble.

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