Teaching Table App

Teaching Table App

Dallas teacher Rebecca McPherson has developed Teaching Table, an iPad application that allows teachers to create interactive math lessons for their students.

The app lets students learn and solve problems by interacting with digital manipulatives — visual representations of math concepts.

“Most of the math apps were games focusing on very specific topics,” says Rebecca. “I would have had to buy an app for every new concept. I wanted an app that allowed me to match my curriculum year round.”

Then Rebecca partnered with app development team Arie Litovsky and Paul Ingram. Together, they created an app that addressed these issues. Teaching Table features the ability for teachers to create and share lessons with one another.

“I can now create lessons in minutes and present them to the whole class. Then I have students work with the iPad as a group or independently,” says Rebecca. “I love sharing the lessons I’ve made with my colleagues. I can also e-mail lessons to parents which lets students continue mastering concepts at home.”

Teaching Table currently covers topics from kindergarten through 6th grade, with virtual manipulatives such as place value blocks, coins, and fractions. The team is planning on expanding Teaching Table to junior high and high school in future updates.

Teaching Table is now available in the App Store at an introductory price of $2.99, and comes with over 70 pages of sample lessons to get you started.

In the picture above: Rebecca McPherson and Paul Ingram introduce Teaching Table

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